About PayOdd

PayOdd is mobile and online payment processing and money transfer service provider that is simplifying the way consumers and businesses exchange money, goods, and services worldwide. Our services include providing our customers with a mobile and online solution for transferring money, making purchases, receiving payments and processing transactions through their mobile phones and online via the web on computers, mobile tablets, and retail QR Code terminals.

As a team we have set ourselves the goal to rapidly expand our service offering to bring you even greater value.

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PayOdd's vision is to be the migratory present and future of remittance and commerce through the FREE delivery of hands FREE payments and cost FREE remittances, so consumers and enterprises have more time to engage in the exchange of products and services that interest them.


At PayOdd we have dedicated our time and energies to innovative a remittance and payment service and product suite that will give you flexibility in executing your everyday ordinary payments and money transfers. We feel that any payment solution that has merit should be provided to consumers for FREE and that is what we see that our competitors dontt provide. We offer our services for FREE and only engage our enterprise partners in a Services As A Revenue (SAAR) partnership so that you the consumer can patronize their products and services and transact with your money without any cost. We are committed to this vision of making payments worldwide FREE and we are changing the lives of our customers daily worldwide.


PayOdd's driven and vibrant young executives and employee core are dedicated to making your online and mobile payment experience safe, secure and enjoyable when using our product. Our commitment is to make the use of our product part of our customers everyday lifestyle through the provision of service that they can rely on when they need to access, transfer, or use their money anyplace, anytime.

As a team we have set ourselves the goal to rapidly expand our service offering to bring you even greater value by staying focused and constantly improving our product offering. Just stay networked to the PayOdd lifeline and join our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to get instant updates on up and coming improvements to our platform API's and services.