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Businesses grow faster with PayOdd.

We offer the following business enhancement and advancement services:

PayOdd offer to your customers and mobile web users the ability to make payments to you via our integrated service. This service provides your customers with the ability to pay for your products or services using any major Credit Card or their PayOdd money credits on their mobile device. As a business always looking for cost effective ways to engage your customers and provide them flexible ways to pay for your products and services, there is no need to pay high rental fees to banks for a credit card terminal, or to apply for expensive vendor accounts. What you need is a PayOdd account, and the cost to you is FREE!

Buy It Buttons

PayOdd offers our payment system clients an online and mobile commerce integrated “Buy It” button that allows you and your business to accept single-item purchases and instant payments. Our Buy It button also provides street entrepreneurs the ability to accept credit and debit card payments on the go by providing them with an interface that they can use to sell one or more units of a single item. Get yourself SIMPLIFIED with Buy It and Make extra money while growing your businesses bottom line revenues. The system also allow you to create Buy Now buttons for additional items that you want to sell.

Pay Now Services

PayOdd's paynow service provides you a streamline system for paying people anywhere, anytime. It ensures that people who need to receive payments from you are paid on time, every time. Paynow is your safest way to ensure that you don't miss vital payment commitments that can affect you and your business.


PayOdd has a Refund API that allows vendors to provide the ability for refunds of transactions that are not acceptable to users of our system. You can fully integrate it using our API into any existing website or application and can be customized to the Vendors Agents.

SMS Now Services

PayOdd provides a unique identifier for each product you offer to your customers. This identify will be the request key for all your products that your customers patronize. When a payment request is made by a customer using PayOdd's SMS Now service, the identifier they TEXT with the request will automatically generate item information and cost to the customer for INSTANT payment via SMS. PayOdd uses the SMS Identifier to reduce risk of losses through a direct engagement of the consumer with the product. The benefits to the use of this service is limitless.

HTML Post Payments

PayOdd's HTTP Post Payments (HPP) API offers complete control of our online transaction processing system to the vendor. We offer a fully integrated API that you can build into any existing website or application and can be customized to suit your payment processing needs. PayOdd transactions are secured with your own SSL connection.

Multiple Item Form Payments

PayOdd offers website developers the ability to accept payments from their website by using our HTML Multiple Items Payments Form option.