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PayOdd Fees

Following are the fees for Emirati dirham


Setup Fee


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


Withdraw money from your PayOdd Account

      Withdraw to your personal bank account

8.00 % of transaction *

Automated Monthly Payouts

5.00 % of transaction

Bulk Payouts

5.00 % of transaction

Chargeback Fee

USD$ 25.00 per chargeback

Receive Payment


      via a user's PayOdd Account

AED 0.00

      Via a user's Credit Card

5.00 % of transaction + AED 2.00 **

SMS Notification Fees


      Sales above 1000


      Sales below 1000

AED 0.40

Voucher Distributor Fees


      Account Setup

AED 183.65

      Distributor Bond Fee

3.00 % to 5.00 % of Prepaid Card value ***



To see the PayOdd User Fees click here


Please Note

* Bank charges may be added by your bank

*** % Fee calculated according to the Prepaid Card amount

Your mobile operator may charge its own standard fees for SMS (text messaging) and data transfer when using PayOdd from your mobile phone.

PayOdd reserves the right to change these fees at any time.