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Voucher Distributor

As part of our Voucher Distributor network, you will have the ability to offer PayOdd services to customers within your community and generate money from your work. PayOdd Prepay ME is leading the global transition from physical paper money to mobile digital money usage by consumers and enterprises. Becoming a distributor of Prepay ME will provide you with the ability to be a part of this revolutionary introduction of the World's first prepay money service.

This unique innovation places the power of money transfer and remittance, money spending and giving, and finally money use by both consumers and enterprises into the hands of everyone who has a mobile phone and patronizes our services.

As a Voucher Distributor your will earn 40% of the voucher system usage fees. The current voucher system usage fees are 3% to 5% of the Prepaid ME card value. Your earnings will be transferred into your PayOdd account on a monthly bases.

Become a Voucher Distributor by applying for a distributor agent account. Once your distributor agent account has been approved, you will be able to initiate the purchase of Prepay ME Vouchers for further Distribution to customers within your area of interest.

Join Us today and see how PayOdd can work for you!!

Please Note

PayOdd reserves the right to change its price points and commission offerings at any time.

Vendor/Retailers and Ecommerce Websites:

PayOdd vendors are innovative payment enablers who allow consumers to use their mobile phones to pay for goods and services anytime, anywhere - whether they are selling physical goods, digital goods, event tickets or sending payment reimbursements to customers. PayOdd is a solution that vendors want because it allows them to reach consumers via the mobile phone, quickly and easily to promote new offerings. Using PayOdd's tools, vendors/Retailers and Ecommerce Websites can easily sell their products to millions of mobile phone users worldwide.

By harnessing the power of the mobile web, vendors can take part in the present and future of mobile commerce, on the one device consumers can't live without - their mobile phones.

Mobile Operators:

PayOdd helps wireless carriers drive increased messaging and data traffic, attract new subscribers, and offer an innovative service that differentiates them from their competitors. PayOdd offer the world's first comprehensive mobile payments services - available via any SMS or data-enabled mobile phone.

We make it easy for our users to send and receive money, make purchases, and manage their money directly from their mobile phone.

Financial Institutions/Banks:

Financial service providers can now offer their customers a new way to access their money when on the go using PayOdd; a solution that fits perfectly with their busy schedules, and mobile lifestyle. Imagine being able to gain access to the rapidly growing youth market, and giving them a mobile solution that works seamlessly within their existing busy everyday lifestyle? Here is what PayOdd helps our financial institutions to offer to their clients:

1. We make mobile commerce a reality:

We do this by allowing your customers to link their PayOdd account to their existing bank accounts. With this capability, you can offer an innovative enhancement to your existing services and provide your old clients a new and exciting way to access their accounts within your network securely. Using your institutional outreach to help market PayOdd to your consumers will give you value-add offering that will attract the explosive mobile youth market and their potential billions they spend yearly to your organization.

PayOdd lets you:

- Penetrate the exploding youth market with a new mobile service offering

- Grows your reputation as a technology innovator and market leader

- Improve customer services by making money available anywhere, anytime