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Prepay ME:

PayOdd's Prepay Money Express (Prepay ME) product offer a more flexible way to resolve the risk of carrying paper currency when mobile. We are introducing this amazing product worldwide to help consumers who are interested in keeping the money secure in digital format to have the ability to do so effectively and efficiently. We intend to establish Prepay ME as the new wave of secure digital money bank for consumers and enterprises.

Prepay ME distribution occurs through the efforts of our distributors' network that we establish within the countries we operate in. Our distributors market and sell our Prepay Money Vouchers that are same as cash and redeemable at any time via partner vendor locations, ATM's, or PayOdd payout centers, or via our Website into a user's bank account. Prepay ME can be converted to cash anytime by the voucher owner or any one authorized to access the funds on the voucher.

Prepay ME vouchers come in different values based on the country you purchase a voucher in. On the right are images of sample vouchers that you may recognize at our distribution vendor outlets within your country.

For a list of Voucher Distributors selling our Prepay ME vouchers in your area please visit our distributor section.

How to load your Prepay ME Credit to your account:

Prepay ME credits can be loaded into your PayOdd account by using either SMS or WAP or via our PayOdd mobile app.

For more information on how to load Prepaid ME credits via SMS please see our PayOdd's SMS page.