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Money Securely Received

You can receive money from anyone with a mobile phone number or a twitter handle, whether they have an account or not. Create an account and receive money with PayOdd and enjoy a service that is easy to use, and FREE for all your mobile payment needs.

Whether the money being sent to you is from a PayOdd Prepaid Money Express Voucher, from a senders personal bank account, Debit or Credit Card, on a prepaid card or (in select countries), or from a PayOdd account — have your sender use the delivery method that's most convenient for you.

Cash Payout

Visit a PayOdd Partner Agent location near you with your government-issued ID. You will need to ask the sender for your Mobile Verification Number (MVN).

On a Prepaid Card to Mobile Wallet

Load your money transfer from your PayOdd Prepaid Money Express Scratch Card (Prepaid ME scratch Card) to your mobile wallet by sending an SMS of the number that is revealed after you scratch off the silver cover to PayOdd's activator code on the card. The amount in value of the Prepaid ME card will be loaded onto your account for your immediate access and use. Learn more

Bank Account Deposit

Receive money in your bank account by authenticating your account and integrating it into your PayOdd personal or vendor account. Learn more about service availability