PayOdd takes the security of each account holder very seriously. We protect all PayOdd accounts against unauthorized transactions and use advanced security technology whenever possible to prevent unauthorized access to account holder data.

Report an unauthorized transaction

Transactions between existing PayOdd members are equivalent to exchanging cash and can only be cancelled if unauthorized by you. You will not be liable for unauthorized use of your account that occurs after you notify us. For more information, see Terms.

Blocking of Credit Cards on PayOdd

Repeated attempts to process an invalid credit card will lead to the credit card being blocked on the framework and the transactions will be reported to the authorities. If a credit card transaction fails DO NOT TRY THE CARD AGAIN.

Tracking or Delivery Confirmation numbers

PayOdd will NOT release the money made from the sale of any goods or services without receiving positive proof of delivery. All proof provided will be verified by PayOdd.

How we provide security

When using the PayOdd, we provide protection against unauthorized use through a PIN-based system. Users set their own PIN and an account cannot be activated until the account holder sets that PIN. In addition, the PIN must be entered when sending or requesting money using PayOdd on your phone or on the PayOdd website.

When using the Web, account holders must log in using their user name and password if they wish to view and use their accounts. All pages after the login are protected using secure socket layer (SSL) technology, as indicated by https in the Web address or URL.

As an added level of security to ensure that your PayOdd experience is secure PayOdd makes use of an OTP. OTP stands for One Time PIN. Every time you login to PayOdd, you will receive an OTP as part of your login SMS. The OTP is essentially a security PIN. As soon as you log out, the OTP becomes invalid. Hence, each time that you login you will receive a different OTP. It is not like a password, which you need to remember.

All activity on your PayOdd account will be verified via email. If you receive any email regarding a suspicious transactions or a transaction your don't have any knowledge of please inform PayOdd immediately

Additionally, all data transmitted via the PayOdd service is protected by advanced security technology against unauthorized access. To provide this level of security, PayOdd uses multiple layers of advanced encryption algorithms so that transmitted data cannot be intercepted or compromised. Encryption technology is used for securing transactions between the mobile application and a user's account and for securing data transmissions over the cellular network.

Check Privacy Policy to See how we protect your personal data.

Account Security

Due to money laundering laws and to increase security we have implemented strict daily and monthly limits on the amounts you are allowed to send, receive, deposit or withdraw from your PayOdd account. For more information regarding these limits logon to your account and see the account information page.

Protecting Yourself

Using us to send money online is fast, convenient, and reliable. As with any online service, a few simple steps can help protect you:

- Never share your password with anyone.

- If you think someone may have your password, change it immediately.

- Make sure your password is unique and hard to guess.

- Use a password that includes both letters and numbers.

- Never use your email address as your password.

- Change your password regularly.

- Don't use the same password that you use for any other online service.

If someone contacts you claiming to be PayOdd and asking for your password or inviting you to click on a link, don't do it. Instead, forward any suspicious emails to

Remember, PayOdd will never send you an email asking for your user ID or password.